After meeting Winnie in our local village, it became clear to me that our relationship was going to grow into something more than just a photographer and subject. After visiting her each Sunday for three months, I was welcomed into her weekly routine. Between learning about her unique habits, listening to stories about her life, and seeing the gradual loss of her sight a friendship was created.


It’s okay in my own house, everything is laid out, the same outfit for a certain day of the week, Sundays are pink you see. The chairs, tables they’re in the same place everyday. I know it like the back of my hand.


I can’t really go into the garden anymore, it really used to be a beautiful garden.


I’ve lived here for 56 years now. It used to be a lot busier, a lot more seats around the table.


Bright colours are my favourite, I can see the outline of those. The dark colours get kind of get lost against the background. Do you see what I mean?


I lost my husband 26 years ago, you learn to be more independent the more time passes.


I can’t see the photographs very well at all anymore, but i’ll look through the album because I have memorised each photograph you see. I can paint a picture of their faces.